Catherine Telford
I started in Biodanza 16 years ago in Barcelona and London.
I became a teacher 11 years ago and Biodanza became my life's passion to facilitate this extraordinary process.

I have taught all over UK with presentations and my regular groups  and also deepening workshops.
I have taught Biodanza for the Elderly Citizens, Children, also for the blind and for disabled groups.
Seven years ago I came to Amsterdam from UK every week to give the first weekly classes to support the School of Amsterdam 
and sow the seeds to spread Biodanza throughout the Netherlands and Vlaanderen, (Belgium). I then gave regular weekly groups and workshops all over Holland and Belgium (Antwerpen, Utrecht, Deventer, Groningen Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda, Zeeland, Schiermonikoog, Gent, Brugge, Lokeren, Limburg, Ardennes...)
I presented Biodanza at the festival of Vierhouten (inner development festival) several times.
I have given Biodanza holidays in Ibiza and Carcausonne in France.
I became Didactic teacher  and taught all over Europe,the Far East and South America in many schools, with many other teachers  and also international congresses,  and developed Biodanza courses in several companies and organizations.
I co -directed in the first cycle of School of Amsterdam, and also
I directed 2 schools in Antwerpen and Rotterdam.
Now I started to have my own new school in Apeldoorn which I opened and which is pulsating and alive place for stimulation and growth, personal development through community of the group
I have specializations in and given the workshops of: Aqua Biodanza, Tree of Desires, Minotaur Project, Laboratory of Creativity, Biodanza in Organisations, Biodanza for Children, Biodanza Neo Shamanism, Clinical Biodanza, Biodanza and Angels, Identity and 4 Elements.
and the Argonaut Mission. 
I also give the specialization Biodanza for Children.
I organised with Vishnuda and Natalie of France & the Milan Modelo School the Biocentric Education Specialization given by Rolando Toro.